Case Study

This case study PDF highlights the key UX/UI issues, my complete product redesign to address these challenges, and the rationale.

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SaaS Redesign:
Dynamic RegTech Platform


3 weeks


Visual and Interface Designer, UX Designer


Figma, Illustrator

AML Watcher, a global RegTech solution tailored for anti-money laundering (AML) and sanctions screening, powered by a risk intelligence database. It aims to benchmark and enhance operational processes. Key UX/UI challenges, especially on the Case Result/Entity page, needed addressing to support compliance efficiency.

Following a comprehensive product review and heuristic evaluation, I redesign the UX/UI, focusing particularly on the enterprise dashboard and key user interfaces of AML Watcher. This involved redefining the user flow, enhancing the information architecture, and modernizing the visual design to improve usability, readability, and decision-making for users, aiming to streamline the investigation process and reduce cognitive load for AML officers.

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Case Study

Key Design Challenges, UX/UI Redesign, Mockups, Design Rationale

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